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new way to learn a new language during the Coronavirus quarantine

Thinking about how to learn a language on your own and from home? Looks a bit challenging, right? Don’t worry, Oh My Good Guide is here to help you! In this post, you will find the best language apps, blogs and resources to learn that second or foreign language you always wanted to know but never had time for.

Let me tell you about a super-short friend’s experience:

Buenos días, quiero un café con leche y una tostada por favor


This was one of the few sentences he knew in Spanish and the first thing he said as soon as he arrived in Spain. Those were just the necessary words to get his breakfast that morning. A few months later, he could speak Spanish perfectly!

I want you to understand how important it is to know a few useful small sentences of any new language you want to learn. This is especially appreciated when visiting another country to start your holiday on the right foot!

Let’s imagine next year you are coming to Spain (you can travel now, but only virtually!). I’m sure you would feel much more confident knowing some Survival Spanish phrases to fully enjoy Spanish cities like Malaga or Granada, and maybe go on a road trip around Andalusia!

Knowing a foreign language can help you understand locals, make international friends, open your mind, and even get a new or better job!

So now, there are no more excuses! You have time and we provide you with all the best resources, apps and tips to start learning a new language by yourself. Let’s start:

1. How to Learn a New Language on your own: APPs!!


Your always-home lifestyle presents an unparalleled opportunity to expand your language skills. So, why not use an app on your phone or tablet to learn a new foreign language during the Coronavirus quarantine period? French radio! German podcasts! Spanish recipes for dinner to fight Quarantine boredom!

The whole world is stuck at home during the coronavirus lockdown and the most famous language learning companies know it: They have made their best intensive language programs free for up to 3 months! Don’t miss this chance!

  • Rosetta Stone. The grandfather of language companies is offering free three months subscription to learn any of 22 languages. Check this language app, it’s my absolute favourite!
  • BabbelAnother language app that has become really popular. The course hub just opened up three months of free classes in a dozen languages.
  • Fable Cottage. These fun audio and video stories in French, German, Spanish, and Italian are usually locked under subscription, but are now freely accessible.
  • Conjuguemos. This teachers’ mecca of games, activities, and worksheets in seven languages (including Latin and Korean) is perfect for building an awesome curriculum of the nuts and bolts—verbs, grammar, and vocab. Free during the lockdown.
  • iCulture. Don’t miss Carnegie Learning’s immersion package of videos, articles, and songs in French, Spanish, or German, which are free through June.
  • Mango Languages. The company provides high-speed learning in 70 languages for companies and schools. Its online language portal is freely accessible.

2. How to Learn a New Language: BLOGS AND ONLINE COURSES

Read or write international blogs learn a new language during Coronavirus quarantine

Old traditional language books are nice, but don’t just stick to them! There are many free good blogs that will help you learn a new language during the Coronavirus quarantine. Some of them assure that you can become fluent in a new foreign language in just 3 months, so why not have a look?

  • Fluent in 3 months. An established and award-winning platform right at the top.
  • Fluent language. An amazing blog when You can find all articles with a quick search.
  • Italki. A huge site that offers something for any learner, check it out.

Regarding language schools, with all presential foreign language centers closed, some of the most prestigious organizations, such as the International Centre for Language Studies and the Global Language Network, have shifted their in-person classes to virtual “synchronous classrooms.” This way, students and teachers confer via Skype, Zoom or another similar video conference tool.

Another good option is BBC Languages, which is run by the British public broadcasting company. Their multimedia lessons cover about 40 different languages! These online language lessons may include sports videos, crossword puzzles, kids’ programming or street slang.

3. How to Learn a Foreign Language: FILMS AND TV SERIES


The Coronavirus quarantine has driven a lot of us into the arms of Netflix. So why not take this as an opportunity to learn a new language at home? The marathon watch fests are fun, but they can also be educational.

In fact, Language Learning with Netflix is a free extension available on the Google Chrome Web store. In addition to hearing dialogue in the native tongue, you can read subtitles in two languages. This helps with translation and you can even look up words in a pop-up dictionary, among other tools.

It features a catalog of international movies and TV series, offered in Spanish, Mandarin, German or Hindi, so this weekend…International Film Festival at home!

4. How to Learn a New Language: TIPS!

kid Learning new language

Obviously, learning a new language on your own and from home is not so simple but it can be done. You just need to find the right tools and the motivation for it! Even on lockdown, you can always find a fun way to practise that new language, for example, joining an online experience or virtual tour with people from all over the world.

As a Spanish teacher that I am, I want to encourage you with the best tips to learn any new language you want:

Tip 1: Know Your Motivation to Learn a Foreign Language

This might sound obvious, but if you don’t have a good reason to learn a language, you are less likely to stay motivated over the long-run. No matter your reason, once you’ve decided on a language, it’s crucial to commit: I WANT AND CAN DO IT!

Tip 2: How to learn a new language: Keep It Relevant

If you make conversation a goal from the beginning, you’re less likely to get lost in textbooks. Talking to people is one of the best ways to learn a language, because it keeps the learning process relevant to you.

Tip 3: Have Fun learning a new language, even in Quarantine!

Using your new language in any way is a creative act. The Super Polyglot Bros, practised their Greek by writing and recording songs. Think of some fun ways to practice your new language: make a radio play with a friend, draw a comic strip, write a poem or simply talk to whomever you can.

Tip 4: Watch Others Talk in that new Language

Different languages make different demands on your tongue, lips and throat. Pronunciation is just as much physical as it is mental. If you can’t watch and imitate a native speaker in person, watching foreign-language films and TV is a good learning substitute.

Tip 5: Pick the right language for you

Always start with a language that is relevant to you, that you know you will use, and, therefore, not lose. If you, for instance, do business in Shanghai, practise a bit of kung fu or are fascinated by calligraphy, then maybe think about Chinese.

But, it’s really important to “click” with the language you are learning. If you can’t make up your mind, try out some first, and see what fits you.

Tip 6: How to learn a new language by Keeping a Wee Wordbook

Set yourself a target of learning 10 words or phrases a day, jotting them down on a notepad and checking yourself every morning. Some people find it helpful to break new vocal into themes. But keep going over this book.

Tip 7: Try to Speak & Don’t Worry About Making Mistakes.

There is nothing wrong with getting something wrong. Just laugh it off. After all, saying accidentally funny things might just be what we all need in these dark times. Stop wondering how to learn a foreign language by yourself during Coronavirus Quarantine and start doing it!

So, this is it! Ready for a new language adventure? I hope so! Tell us the new language you have chosen to learn during our lockdown period and don’t forget to check our fun plans to fight this long Quarantine in the best mode.

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