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I know there is a question that you can’t get out of your head: Which Countries are Reopening to International Tourists this summer? How, When and Where would be safe to travel after Coronavirus is over? When will travel bans be lifted? Oh My Good Guide is here to help you!

Traveling is good for the soul but, especially in this case, it must be good for health too. We all need a holiday after this long Coronavirus lockdown, but we will need to be more careful than usual to travel safely after Coronavirus is over.

But how can we achieve this? I know you have so many questions in mind regarding Coronavirus and safe travel… when will the travel ban be lifted? when will it be safe to travel again? when will it be safe to fly again? will it be safe to travel this summer? when will international travel resume? when can we travel overseas again?

So, let’s go right to the heart of the matter and try to solve them!

Is it safe to travel? Should I travel right now?

If you are wondering if you should travel right now, experts advised that everyone should be cautious about nonessential travel right now, especially for those at higher risk of serious complications related to Coronavirus.

However, there are many countries reopening their borders and you might be tempted to buy a cheap plane ticket there or do that road trip you have been postponing for years. If that is the case, we have something for you!

Keep reading and discover which countries are lifting travel bans and some of the safest destinations you can travel to.

1. Updated list of countries reopening borders to international tourists in 2020 (by date)

  • Oman (October 1) will restart international flights on October 1
  • Belize (October 1). Belize is reopening for International travel on October 1st
  • Peru (October 1) Peru has approved the resumption of international flights starting from October 1, but under strict safety measures
  • St Kitts and Nevis (October 1) is planning to reopen its borders for international tourism
  • Guatemala (September 18). Aurora international airport will reopen to commercial flights as the Central American country relaxes its coronavirus lockdown.
  • Vietnam (September 15) plans to resume international flights from Sept. 15 with all passengers quarantined for 14 days upon arrival in the country
  • Jordan (September 8) will resume regular international flights to help revive an economy badly hit by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Nigeria (September 5) Nigeria will resume international flights from Sept. 5
  • Ghana (September 1) Ghana’s President, Nana Akufo-Addo, has announced plans to re-open the country’s air borders.
  • Namibia (September 1) It will reopen to international travellers via Hosea Kutako International Airport
  • Cuba (August 15) Despite the rest of the Caribbean reopening in June and July for tourism, Cuba is taking its time, first allowing Cubans to travel domestically at the end of this month before welcoming international tourism in phase two.
  • Sri Lanka (August 1). Sri Lanka will join the list of countries reopening borders to international tourists this summer on Aug. 1 by allowing only small groups of visitors, to begin with.
  • Turks And Caicos (July 22). In a statement, the Turks and Caicos Islands Tourist Board said it “encourages travelers to consider the vacation destination as the play vacations for late July 2020 onwards.”
  • French Polynesia (July 20). The South Pacific island of French Polynesia said it will reopen to international travel next month to try to salvage its vital tourism industry.
  • Russia (July 15). Russia will join the list of countries reopening borders to international tourists this summer by resuming international air travel on July 15, the state-run TASS news agency reported.
  • Morocco (July 11). Morocco’s land, air, and sea borders are expected to reopen in July, following the country’s nationwide state of emergency that is set to conclude on July 10.
  • Georgia (July 1): The Georgian government announced that domestic tourism can resume from 15 June while borders could open to foreign tourists as early as 1 July.
  • Malta (July 1). Malta will join the list of countries reopening borders to international tourists this summer by reopening its airport to passenger flights on July 1, Prime Minister Robert Abela said.
  • Turkey (July 1). As of July, Turkey will resume all those tourism facilities planned to be reopened as part of the normalization process, said the country’s culture and tourism minister on June 10.
  • Bahamas (Tentative – July 1). The government is looking to open commercial travel on or before July 1, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis announced. Another exotic holiday destination that joins the list of countries reopening borders to international tourists this summer
  • Aruba (July 1). Visitors from Canada, Europe and the Caribbean will be able to return to Aruba.
  • Egypt (July 1). Egypt will reopen all its airports for scheduled international traffic on July 1, the civil aviation minister said on Sunday, after suspending regular commercial flights in March because of the coronavirus outbreak.
  • European Union (Tentative – July 1). European Union To Open For Tourists From 14 Countries: Algeria, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia and Uruguay. The 15th, China, would be covered only if it agrees a reciprocal arrangement with EU countries.
  • Bermuda (July 1). Bermuda is also on the list of countries reopening borders to international tourists this summer. They will resume international commercial air service for visitors starting July 1, the island territory’s government announced on Friday.
  • Lebanon (July 1). Lebanon will re-open Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport for commercial flights beginning July 1, but will keep air traffic at 10% of capacity from a year ago
  • Dominican Republic (July 1). The entire country of the Dominican Republic will open up for international tourism beginning July 1, according to Lucien Echavarria, director at the Ministry of Tourism.
  • The Maldives (July 1). “We are planning to reopen our borders for visitors in July 2020,” read an official statement issued by the Ministry of Tourism on May 30.
  • Tunisia (June 27). Tunisia has announced it is ready to resume tourism safely. They have reopened their borders on June 27, joining the list of countries reopening borders to international tourists this summer.
  • St Barth (June 22). The French Caribbean island of St Barth has reopened for travel and tourism on June 22, according to Bruno Magras, president of the island’s territorial council.
  • European Union for European tourists (June 15). Most European Union countries reopen their borders for EU’s Schengen area Tourists From. Travelling inside the European Union is now allowed in most territories, including Spain, France, Italy, etc are on the list of countries reopening borders to international tourists this summer.
  • Jamaica (June 15). In a major move for the Caribbean tourism sector at large, the island of Jamaica is reopening its borders for travelers beginning June 15.
  • Hong Kong (June 1). Hong Kong said it will reopen its airport to transiting passengers on June 1, joining rival Singapore which made a similar announcement last week, as governments in the pair of regional hubs look to boost their local airlines as the global pandemic eases.
  • Ukrania (May 22). The Ukrainian government will reopen 66 border checkpoints with European Union countries and Moldova for the first time after it closed most of them to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus in March.
  • Albania (May 22). Albania re-opened its borders this month and prepare to welcome back tourists, Prime Minister Edi Rama told parliament on Thursday, with the country reporting no new coronavirus deaths for more than three weeks.
  • Cambodia (May 20). Cambodia has lifted a ban on entry of visitors from Iran, Italy, Germany, Spain, France and the United States that had been put in place to curb the spread of coronavirus.
  • Slovenia (May 15). Slovenia was one of the first entries on the list of countries reopening borders to international tourists this summer. They reopened their road, air and sea borders to foreign nationals on May 15.

2. Will it be safe to travel this autumn/winter? Should I cancel or postpone my Holiday?

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The situation won’t go back to “normal” until June in many countries. So if you had a trip planned for spring, in May or June, Coronavirus travel bans and restrictions will probably affect your plans. It could be a good idea to postpone your travel if you want to be safe and make sure we will be able to travel again.

Will it be safe to travel this autumn/winter? If you are worried about your autumn or winter vacation after Coronavirus is over, we really hope you don’t have to cancel it, especially if it is domestic travel. However, it depends where you are travelling, as many of the countries that became first infected, controlled the pandemic during the summer months and now they are experiencing a second “wave”.

Anyway, don’t stress about it until that ‘go or not-to-go date’, the COVID-19 situation changes too fast so it is difficult to predict the future. You will probably discover if it will be safe to travel this summer to your destination only one month in advance. Many airlines, hotels and other travel companies have loosened their cancellation policies to give travelers more flexibility during the pandemic, so you might not have a penalty for cancelling or postponing your trip last-minute.

3. When and Where will be Safe to Travel after Coronavirus is over? When will Travel Bans be Lifted?

When will be safe to travel again, once Coronavirus is over? When will travel bans and travel restrictions be lifted? Well, those are one of the most difficult questions to answer. The best is always to track and monitor the situation in your desired holiday destination to be able to get to a conclusion. Check here the latest updates and the best sources for monitoring COVID-19:

– When will it be safe to travel again? Latest official travel advice for every country in the world!

If you are wondering when will you be able to travel again safely, you need to stay informed. Right now there is a wide list of Countries Reopening to International Tourists post-Covid19 that you can check above. Keep in mind that Coronavirus is affecting each country in a different way and new outbreaks could bring some changes to this reopening countries list.

In order to know when will it be safe to travel again, apart from monitoring the disease itself, check the safe travel website of WHO and the authorities of your home and destination country are offering practical guidance for people travelling and living overseas following the outbreak of COVID-19.

So don’t forget to check the latest safe travel advice before your holiday starts. You can now track real-time travel restrictions with this tool developed by the Independent Travel Association. This tool will keep you up to date on travel restrictions in real-time so you know when and where you can visit again. Be the first to know when countries update their domestic or international travel restrictions by signing up for customized email alerts.

– When will most travel bans be lifted?

If you are wondering when will travel bans be lifted, when will international travel resume or when can we travel abroad or overseas again, or even, it is highly likely that for the rest of 2020 and part of 2021, the United States and Europe will continue to implement social distancing measures and might even remain locked down. We expect borders to remain shut, particularly to countries with latent infections.

– When will international travel resume? When can we travel abroad or overseas again?

When looking for safe international vacations and safe places to travel internationally, take into account that safe corridors will reopen (e.g. Germany, Switzerland, Austria), but with restrictions and health checks.

It is expected separation between wealthier countries (e.g. Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, Japan) that will re-open with very strict travel restrictions and checks, and densely populated developing countries (e.g. India, Indonesia) where the virus may create a large and lasting health problem. Travel to and from these countries would be highly restricted.

To ensure having a safe trip or vacation, follow Coronavirus updates and travel advice from your local authorities and governments, as well as the guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO).

You can also find here the real-time interactive Coronavirus map created by the Johns Hopkins Institute, which is a good resource to regularly check the COVID-19 expansion status and have a visual image of the worldwide situation.

Are you planning to visit Spain after the Coronavirus outbreak? Then you should bookmark our article with the latest COVID-19 status city to city, monuments closings or possible travel restrictions.

4. Travel after Coronavirus is over: What will it be like?

Japan city

What will be travel like after Coronavirus? What are the travelling trends post-Coronavirus? It is still a mystery but we are sure that local travel will recover first.

In the next 12 to 18 months, leisure travel will be mostly domestic or regional. This is the pattern that we are seeing in countries with reduced infection rates such as South Korea. Such domestic travel might be sizable, given that people are looking forward to getting out of their houses. 

– What will travel look like after Coronavirus is over?

Here’s how we think you will travel after Coronavirus ends:

  1. You will probably stay in the country. International travel will fall out of favor as people stay closer to the safety of home. 
  2. You won’t travel far from home. “Staycations” and road trips will be favored over flying or cruising, because of their difficulty in implementing social-distancing measures. So for now, we can’t know when will it be safe to fly or cruise again.
  3. You will make it quick. A softer economy will mean the traditional two-week summer vacation could turn into a long weekend. 

– Is it safe to travel by plane? When will it be safe to fly again? How will flying be after COVID-19 is over?

When will it be safe to fly again and how will flying be after Coronavirus is over are two main keys to make international travel safe again. Air travel will be massively reduced and only happen between safe corridors. In order to make travel by plane safe, passengers will be required to wear masks and there would be temperature checks before boarding as well. Current estimates are that air travel will be at 10-30% of 2019 capacity in 2020, ramping up to 70% throughout 2021 and only get back to pre-crisis capacity in 2022 (assuming that a vaccine is available then).

5. Post-Coronavirus Travel Tips: How to travel safely after Coronavirus is over

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No question about it, people will travel after coronavirus is over. But what will be the changes or differences in the travel industry? Will I be able to find the best deals of my life?

– Post-Coronavirus Travel Tips: Look for deals but focus on value. 

Assuming the coronavirus crisis is over, don’t hesitate to book if you find a bargain for late spring or summer. But don’t focus exclusively on price. Instead, look at the overall value of the deal. Are they throwing in attraction tickets or including meals?

In my opinion, value shouldn’t be only focused on the services we get but also on the security feel provided. For example, an added value can be that the country we are travelling to has dealed well with the COVID-19 crisis or has a good public health system.

– Post-Coronavirus Travel Tips: choose stable well-known brands

Stay away from too-good-to-be-true offers from unknown operators. Chances are, these are fire sales from desperate companies on the verge of bankruptcy. Focus on well-known brands that are financially stable.

– Post-COVID-19 Travel Tips: Get travel insurance when visiting some of the Countries Reopening to International Tourists

During the travel ban to high-risk areas, major airlines have been canceling flights and offering free rebooking or refunds. But what if you’re concerned about an area that doesn’t have a travel ban?

It’s important to read all the fine print and understand what trip insurance does and doesn’t cover to ensure that you’ll receive a reimbursement. Under a standard policy, fear of traveling is never a covered reason to cancel a trip. There is, however, a “cancel for any reason” policy, that allows travelers to cancel their plans for any reason at all.

This type of insurance it’s usually 40 percent pricier than standard policies, and it typically must be purchased within three weeks of the first day you begin booking your travel plans. Experts recommend purchasing not only emergency medical coverage but also emergency medical transportation coverage.

In any case, if you can’t find a good policy, use a credit card to make your purchase because it can also offer protections from financial insolvency.

– Post-Coronavirus Travel Tips: Be ready to make some last-minute changes

This is a fast-changing situation so be ready to rearrange your travel plans according to the last Coronavirus updates. Even if you travel to an area without an outbreak, you should be prepared for the possibility of being quarantined if an outbreak develops in the region where you’re traveling.

– Post-Coronavirus Travel Tips: If you feel very anxious about traveling after COVID-19, consider staying home.

News about the virus is changing by the day, and everyone has a different tolerance for risk. There are fewer and fewer places now where there aren’t reported cases. If you’re not going to enjoy your vacation because you’re nervous about this, then it’s probably not worth you going.

6. FAQS: Safe travel to Countries Reopening Borders to International tourists

Here you go, the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding post-Covid19 safe travellling to Countries Reopening for International Tourists this summer. Leave a comment and let us know if you have other doubts, so that we can help you find an answer and include them here!

FAQ for safe travel and reopening boarders
How to stay safe when traveling and avoid COVID-19 contagion?

If you are looking for how to travel safely after Coronavirus ends, there are a lot of practical steps you can take. Wear a mask, regularly wash your hands (with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand gel), avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth and keep a social distance of 1 meter minimum. Read the WHO tips on how to stay safe when traveling here.

Will my travel insurance cover cancellations due to Coronavirus related issues?

It all depends on your policy. Check their website or give them a call to find out more.

What if my airline cancels my flight?

As time has gone on since the beginning of the outbreak, airlines have adapted to evolving restrictions and advisories to accommodate customers. If you want to know about specific airline route information, as well as relevant cancellation, rebooking or refund policies, you can find all the latest news and travel updates on their websites or check with the International Air Travel Association.

My flight has been cancelled. How do I get a refund?

Call the airline or online travel agent in the first instance. If you booked with a credit card or have travel insurance, get in touch with the relevant companies as well.

I want to cancel my travel plans. How do I do this and can I get a refund?

First of all, call the airline, hotel or online travel agent you booked with. Not sure which company you used? You’ll see their name on your bank or credit card statement as well as the email you received from them to confirm the booking.

These are the main concerns for most people when wondering how, when and where it will be safe to travel after Coronavirus is over: when will the travel ban be lifted, when will it be safe to travel again, when will it be safe to fly again, will it be safe to travel this autumn or winter, when will international travel resume or when can we travel overseas again.

We hope this was helpful and really hope to see you travelling around the world soon after checking the list of Countries Reopening to International Tourists this summer post-COVID19. Don’t doubt to share your opinion here and share any thoughts on Coronavirus safe travelling.

Are you planning to visit Spain after the Coronavirus outbreak? Then you should bookmark our article with the latest COVID-19 status city to city, monuments closings or possible travel restrictions.

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✈️ Have a safe trip and enjoy your vacation when you can! 💚

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  2. This is good if you are travelling from the UK. But there is no advice for people in my situation, I am in Spain with my car and want to drive back to the UK. All ferries from Spain to the UK are cancelled. However there is a service running from Calais to Dover and also the tunnel.
    The main problem is the borders are closed I am told that you can still enter France if you fill in some form, available on the gov.co.uk website I have failed to find this form after many hours of searching. If someone could pass on a link to me I would be very greatful.
    I have tried calling the British embassy but gave up after waiting over an hour to speak to one of their agents. I also called the french embassy (English speaking) but after several rings it kicks you off. We have the Uk government telling us we should return to the UK as soon as possible but they assume everyone is flying, no help for those of us who are driving.

  3. I sympathise completely. My partner and I are in Murcia, unable to travel. One person in a car only, or 2 if one can sit in the back. Problem there we took our back seats out to make more room for our 3 month stay. Cannot move on to our second rental because of this, so relying on the good will of current owners.
    Complete and utter nightmare.

  4. Same story almost. In Almeria Levante with my wife and car in rented apt. Have extended apt rental to end of April. Brittany Ferries cancelled my booking for Apr 3 and gave me one for 19/04 and have now cancelled that.
    I hope to get to Ireland, even more difficult and less opportunities of travel.

  5. Paul Vaughan

    We are in the same position,hoping to travel home 29/4 by Car and Ferry from Santander.
    We have to plan to drive from Mojacar, 600+ miles, and are concerned about Service Stations being open, and an overnight stop.
    Any observations greatly appreciated.

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