✓ Is it safe to travel to Spain right now? Updated COVID19 Cases, Map & Travel Rules

Daily updated city to city status of COVID-19 in Spain

Coronavirus, Spain… If you had arranged your Spanish dream holiday you might be wondering: Is it safe to travel to Spain right now? How is Coronavirus developing in different cities? Are museums, monuments and beaches open in Spain? Which are the updated travel restrictions to Spain and measures taken to avoid COVID19 contagion?

Oh My Good Guide wants to help you find the updated status of COVID-19 in Spain city to city. Here you will find the most updated info about Coronavirus and Spain: new outbreaks map, cases, reopenings, travel advice, restrictions and much more.

Keep reading until the end, where we’ll make a deep analysis to conclude if it is safe to travel to the following cities or islands in Spain in summer 2021:

  1. Barcelona
  2. Madrid
  3. Mallorca and Balearic Islands
  4. Canary Islands
  5. Valencia
  6. Malaga
  7. Seville
  8. Granada

This post is constantly updated, with the city to city status regarding Coronavirus in Spain. You can also check the Spanish Lockdown easing phases we had and the rules to follow during Spain New Normal phase from 22nd June 2020 on.

0. BREAKING NEWS | COVID-19 in Spain right now

➤ Spain is in the Coronavirus ‘medium risk’ zone.

The latest update of the Covid pandemic has shown that Spain is very close to leaving the ‘high risk’ zone. The cumulative incidence on Monday, May 17, is 151.82 cases, just one point from reaching 150 when the risk would be considered to be medium.

➤ Covid-19 Vaccinations in Spain: Weekly Covid-19 deaths fall 90%

The effect of the immunization program as well as a fall in transmission thanks to coronavirus restrictions has seen the number of victims plummet to a daily average of 52.

As of May 18th, 14.2 % of the population of Spain has now got the full protection from Covid-19 offered by the vaccines the country is using. A total of 6,716,156 people have either had the two doses of the Oxford-Astrazeneca, Moderna or Pfizer-BioNTech medication, or the single shot of the Janssen vaccine.

According to the latest report from the central Health Ministry, 14,555,552 people have so far received at least one dose, which is 30.7% of the population.

1. When can I travel to Spain? International travel to Spain allowed!

Spain reopened its borders to overseas tourists in July 2020 and they are and will be open! Travellers from outside the Schengen zone will be permitted to enter from July 1, providing there is a reciprocal agreement on travel and taking into account the epidemiological situation in the country of origin.

Before we go more in-depth on Spain’s updated coronavirus status in each city and possible local lockdowns for controlling new Covid19 outbreaks, let’s just clarify who is allowed to visit Spain in 2021 and the documents you need to hand in on arrival.

➤ Where can I travel to Spain from this summer 2021? Spain to allow all vaccinated travellers from around the world to visit from June 7th

Until recently the only ones allowed to travel to Spain were countries in the European Union, in the Schengen Area, or from another country which has a reciprocal agreement with Spain for accepting travellers. These countries are Australia, China, South Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, Singapore, Thailand and Uruguay.

But things have changed! As the tourist season prepares to kick off, this agreement puts an end to the decision to close the EU’s external borders to “non-essential” travel taken in March 2020.

Spain will allow tourists from anywhere in the world, as long as they have received the necessary doses (one or two) of anti-Covid vaccines authorized at European level. That is, only the products offered by Pfizer-BioNTech, AstraZeneca, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson.

Don’t forget that certain countries can still establish restrictions or quarantine periods on people arriving from Spain. In addition, the health crisis may temporarily modify the reciprocal agreements for accepting visitors. We recommend always checking the requirements and recommendations of your home country.

For this purpose the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs keeps this map updated, allowing you to check the travel restrictions visually.

➤ Will Spain be open in June, July, August & September 2021? Will Spain let tourists in? From which countries?

Yes! Spain will be open in this summer for anyone who is vaccinated plus all tourist coming from European Union members, but also tourists coming from Algeria, Australia, Canada, China, Georgia, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia and Uruguay. The reciprocity principle is maintained for citizens of Algeria, China, and Morocco.

This summer, the Spanish Goverment will allow anyone who is fully vaccined in from 7th June! So Americans, British, Australians, Latin American and Asian people, Spain welcomes you again in 2021!

➤ COVID19 travel documents: Compulsory form or PCR required?

If you are wondering if you need to do any paperwork before travelling to Spain the answer is YES. There are three essential steps prior to your trip that you need to verify:

  • In all cases, you must show your health control form (HCF). The form must be completed and signed electronically before your arrival in Spain. You can access the form and sign it via the Spain Travel Health website or app. After you sign it you will receive a QR code which must be presented upon arrival in Spain (it is only valid in digital formats. However, for justifiable reasons it may be presented in paper format before embarking). Remember that you must fill in a separate form for each trip and each person.
  • If you are travelling from a high-risk country or area, you must provide a negative PCR test carried out within 72 hours prior to your arrival in Spain. In the event of not having done the PCR test, you will be liable to a fine and a test being carried out at the airport upon arrival.
  • If you are travelling to the Canary Islands must present a negative PCR or antigen test taken no more than 72 hours earlier in order to stay in any accommodation establishment on the islands. If you are travelling from a high-risk country or area, a negative PCR test presented upon arrival in Spain will be valid. These procedures are mandatory for any passenger arriving in Spain by air or sea

➤ COVID19 Digital Green Certificate: Spain will not require tests or quarantines for those with ‘vaccine passports’

The European Commission is working to create a Digital Green Certificate to facilitate safe free movement inside the EU during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Digital Green Certificate will be proof that a person has been vaccinated against COVID-19, received a negative test result or recovered from COVID-19. It will be available, free of charge, in digital or paper format. It will include a QR code to ensure the security and authenticity of the certificate. 

The European Union’s ‘Digital Green Certificate’ is due to come into force in late June.

➤ Travelling from the UK to Spain without COVID-19 test or vaccine is now possible

Travelers from the United Kingdom will be able to freely enter Spain from Monday 24th May 2020, with no restrictions and no coronavirus test. This means:

  • Non-essential travel to Spain from UK is allowed
  • No PCR test
  • No quarantine
  • Health Control Form required

Spain is still negotiating with the European Commission to allow the entry of travelers in the EU without COVID-19 testing – even if they are not vaccinated – from countries with low incidence. United States, Latin American and Asian countries would also benefit from this change if they manage to be within the parameters of cumulative incidence that are considered as non-risk.

In addition, while they reduce the incidence, those immunized or with a negative test would already be allowed to travel for tourism, but the negotiation is still ongoing.

➤ Are there any healthcare checks on entry to Spain?

Yes. All travellers arriving in Spain by air or sea will go through a health check. This check may include having their temperature taken, checking their documents, and a visual examination of the passenger’s state of health.

2. Things to know before travelling to Spain in 2021

Coronavirus has changed our lives and the way we used to travel too. Nobody was wondering if it was safe to travel to Spain before COVID-19, it was a fact. However, after being one of the most affected countries in Europe, you might wonder if it is actually safe to travel to Spain this summer or even this year 2021.

We have been closely following the numbers of Coronavirus in Spain, city to city, updating this article with the latest news every single day. Now, we have filtered and summarized all that info for you to have a good overview of the current COVID-19 status, lockdown easing rules and other things to know before visiting Spain in Coronavirus times.

➤ Updated number & map of Coronavirus cases in Spain

As of May 17th, 2021, the total number of Coronavirus confirmed cases in Spain is 3.615.860 of which 79.339 are deceased according to Spanish National Health Authorities.

You can always check the most updated number of Coronavirus confirmed cases, deaths, recoveries and many interesting graphs in the official web of the Spanish Ministry of Health. Another good source is Worldometers where you can find the COVID-19 real-time situation in the World.

Covid 19 regulations map
Screenshot of the Interactive Spain COVID19 Regulations Map by RTVE

➤ Can I safely travel between different parts of Spain?

YES! Finally, on May 9th, 2021 the “State of Alarm” or National Lockdown rules came to so we are FREE TO MOVE from region to region. However, some rare perimeter confinements of some specific regions or towns can happen, so always check the updated, interactive COVID-19 restrictions map above to be sure.

Public transportation services have recovered all their connections. Another good choice, if you want to travel around Spain at your own pace, is to make a road trip within your region with your own car or a rental one.

But still, if you are not ready to travel across Spain yet or you had to postpone your trip, have a look at our new post to discover top Spanish sights FREE virtual tours and other useful apps to virtually travel the country from the comfort of your home!

Also, if you want to gather more info about how, when and where to travel safely after the Coronavirus outbreak is over check this other post.

➤ Mandatory use of face masks in public spaces in Spain

From May 21st,2020, the use of face masks is compulsory in all public spaces – open and closed – where social distancing cannot be respected. Face masks must be worn in the “public street, in open-air spaces and any closed space that is for public use or that is open to the public, where it is not possible to maintain [an interpersonal] distance” of 2 meters.

The obligatory use of face masks applies to everyone over the age of six and will be over once the 70% of the Spanish population has received the COVID-19 Vaccine. People that can’t wear masks for health reasons, respiratory problems or disability are exempt. Face masks are also not obligatory while doing heavy exercise.

Now, with more people on the streets, the risk of contagion grows so it’s essential to protect ourselves. Buy your mask now and avoid contagion or a 100 € fine!

3. Is it SAFE TO TRAVEL to Spain right now? CITY TO CITY updated status

Since international tourism is allowed in Spain from July 1st, 2020 and travel bans are lifted, we could say that it is officially safe to travel to Spain in 2021. However, do we recommend it? It depends on the city, region or province you want to visit in Spain as COVID-19 expansion is not affecting all of them the same way. That is why we are going to analyse the current status city to city:

  1. Barcelona
  2. Madrid
  3. Mallorca and Balearic Islands
  4. Canary Islands
  5. Valencia
  6. Malaga
  7. Seville
  8. Granada

➤ Is it safe to travel to BARCELONA, Catalonia, right now?

Coronavirus in Barcelona: cases, restrictions and safe travel

If you have some doubts about safe travelling to Spain because of Coronavirus, let’s go on with the second most inhabited city in Spain. So, is Barcelona safe to travel after COVID-19 outbreak?

– Main general restrictions in Barcelona and Catalonia due to Coronavirus

You can check the latest measures against Coronavirus and updates taken by the Barcelona City Council in their official website.

– Main monuments in Barcelona: open, closed or with restrictions due to COVID-19?

You can now enjoy the most important sights in Barcelona which are open-air!

Regarding closed spaces, Barcelona is a cultural pole in Spain – apart from its museums, here we can visit the architectural jewels from Gaudí. Barcelona’s main monuments reopening situation after Coronavirus is the following:

  • Sagrada Familia: Sagrada Familia is finally open. Hurry up, and get your online ticket to enjoy this monument with no crowds!
  • Casa Mila (La Pedrera): You can now book your visit and ask for a refund later if you finally have to change your plans. Buy your tickets to La Pedrera, you can’t miss it!
  • Casa Batlló: Open as well! Don’t miss this chance and book your visit to Casa Batlló to enjoy this architectural marvel less crowded than ever!

– So… is it safe to travel to Barcelona, Catalonia, right now?

Since most travel bans are lifted and the COVID-19 situation in Catalonia has improved a lot with the vaccination progress, we could say that it is safe to travel to Barcelona at the moment. so we would recommend visiting Barcelona right now or later on this summer 2021.

If you are travelling there, bear in mind that Barcelona is a big city, so you need to use common sense and take more precautions, like avoiding public transport when possible, than if you choose to have your Spanish holidays in any Catalonian village or little coastal town.

Remember, you can start getting ready for safe travel to Barcelona, Spain, in 2021 with our free resources for a Barcelona Virtual Tour, where you can choose to tour the city on foot or by helicopter and enter Gaudi’s Casa Milá or even Sagrada Familia!

However, if you want a more interactive virtual trip, check out these amazing live virtual tours with an experienced guide to discover all about Gaudí, the best of Barcelona or the legends and essence of Catalonia region.

In conclusion, due to the current situation in Barcelona and Catalonia, we can advise travelling there

EXTRA TIP: If you are wondering which is the safest way to get from Barcelona airport to the center, we suggest you use Welcome Pickups airport transfer service, as their local drivers have a strict policy regarding coronavirus. Check the details below!

➤ Is it safe to travel to MADRID right now?

Coronavirus in Madrid: cases, restrictions and safe travel

When talking about safe travelling to Spain due to the Coronavirus situation, we should start talking about the main focus. Madrid region is the one that concentrates most of the COVID-19 Spanish cases. So, is Madrid safe to travel to in 2021?

– Main general restrictions in Madrid due to Coronavirus

You can check the latest measures against Coronavirus and updates taken by the Madrid City Council on their official website.

– Main monuments in Madrid: open, closed or with restrictions due to COVID-19?

Madrid’s main monuments and museums are open. You can already book your visit to El Prado Museum, which has reopened after the Coronavirus outbreak with an amazing exhibition with their best masterpieces.

Other museums that are open and you cannot miss in your visit to Madrid is the Reina Sofia Modern Art Museum, where you can see the famous “Guernica” by Picasso, and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, that offers a unique survey of the history of art from the 13th to the late 20th centuries.

– So… is it safe to travel to Madrid at the moment?

After being the city with the biggest number of COVID-19 cases in Spain (also because it is the most populated one), the worst days are fading away thanks to the vaccination progress so, although it is safer to avoid any non-essential travel, we could still advise travelling to Madrid right now or in 2021 summer.

If you decide or need to travel to Madrid during the Covid19 pandemic, bear in mind that it is the biggest city in Spain and you need to use common sense and take more precautions, like avoiding public transport and small closed spaces when possible.

Remember, you can start getting ready for your trip to Madrid, Spain, with our free Madrid Virtual Tour, where you can walk around the city and even enter some museums!

We advise travelling to Madrid right now or in 2021

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  1. Thank you for keeping this post up to date! This is immensely helpful as we get closer to our trip to Andalucia.

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        Can you keep us updated on fuetventura as we are booked to go April

      2. Of course, we will continue updating this article everyday until the Coronavirus Crisis is over

      3. Gill Blakemore

        Great site ,very informative! Supposed to be travelling to Lanzarote on the 19th with Ryanair. They have offered chance to alter booking but my understanding is that Spain won’t allow incoming flights from next week, is this correct? So disappointed at loosing a week in the sun but safety obviously comes first ( and sure everything will be shutdown from now!)

      4. Thank you so much! Well, if I were you, I would postpone my flight as due to the recently published Coronavirus Nationwide Lockdown in Spain you won’t be able to have so much fun in the next 15 days… Unless you enjoy a lot just going to the pharmacy or the supermarket which are one of the few things that will remain open 😛

      5. Thank you….best information out there that is in English as it’s hard to get up to date info. We are in Gran Canaria at the moment, waiting for rescue flights back that easyJet has put on all week. We are flying back on Friday.

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        I live in Fuerteventura, every where shut, even our local bakery can only sell bread, nothing else! One in shop at a time. Only grocery Shops and Drs open. Panic buying means not much fresh stuff on the shelves most of the time. Only one person in a car, husband cannot go his walk to feed the donkeys with his friend. So unless things drastically change there’s not much joy to be had at the moment.

    2. We are on lockdown in apartment complex in tenerife. Is it allowed to take exercise within the complex. Ie, walking round the perimeter?

  2. Helen sexton

    I have a flight booked to Benalmadena, Spain on 29th March is it safe to go? Please let me know I am flying into malaga airport.

    1. I am here in Benalmadena, Malaga, Spain and in the last 24 hours there has been a lot of changes. People have been in state of panic since all schools, parks and after school activities closed yesterday March 13. That said everyone is still able to go out, sit in the sun, get a snack or have a drink at any of the small bars or restaurants that are open in the area. Your always welcome to costa del sol but that is the situation as of the past 24 hours.

      1. I’m due to go to Lanzarote on the 4th April wondering if we should cancel.

      2. If you can still get a flight here. Currently the island is on lock down and this means you would have to stay on the hotel premises for the whole visit. If you’re in private villa you should not leave the grounds. The only exceptions (that apply to tourists) are to buy food get medical attention and return to the airport. As of 7.00am this morning (Monday 16th March) this the law for the next 15 days. Before the end of that perion there is the option for the government to extend it by a further 15 days. Outbound flights are also affected at the moment.

      3. Lynn Noreen McNamara

        I would Cancel, really no point in visiting, not a happy group of islands at the moment. Even the weather has taken a downward trend. There are not many cases Fuerteventura/Lanzarote however they will want it to stay that way. I cannot see the powers that be will want to risk cases being brought in by lifting restrictions.

    2. I am in Arinaga and would like to know if I can do shopping with my private car together with my wife she needs help to do shopping?

      1. Only one person can go shopping at a time, or in the car, unless you can prove that this person alone cannot do that activity alone.

  3. barry wright

    Please keep us posted re Canary Islands, especially Lanzarote as we are due to go in April.

    1. Same here been 2 cases so far in Lanzarote,I’m due to go in April too and I have a Heart Condition so getting pretty worried also the people that have are in Playa Blanca and that’s where my hotel is

    1. My return flight from lanzarote is for Sun 22nd March to Ireland. Do you know will arrecife airport be open then.

  4. We are due to return to Málaga airport on Wednesday the 18th march will there be a problem doing so

    1. Right now there is not cancellation of tourist entry. We have seen a lot of change in the last 24 hours because of the the school and activity closures. People have also been stocking up their homes with food leaving supermarkets bare to the bone. But this is caused by fear of this unknown and the cancellation of schools etc. That said you can see we are still out at the beach, eating in restaurants and sharing coffee or drinks at local cafe bars. Totally your choice. Costa del sol is a wonder vacation spot. Today date: March 14 – 8am local time

    2. There are no travel restrictions and most flights will keep operating, so I think there won’t be a problem

  5. Susan Bradley

    We are due to go on holiday to Gran Canaria for a week
    on March 17th. Is it possible flights maybe cancelled?

    1. We are in Gran Canaria and due to fly back on March 17th. Markets and carnivals have been cancelled and a regular botanical tour of our hotel’s extensive grounds didn’t take place this morning. Otherwise, everything else is normal. However, the ‘state of alert’ ordered by the Spanish government will only come into effect today so things may change.

    2. Tracey Davies

      Our hotel and flight was cancelled last minute. We were Do you to fly out March 16 from Birmingham Airport with Thompsons but it was all cancelled last minute yesterday. I spoke to our hotel in last palmers Gran Canaria and they told us that everywhere was closed apart from a supermarket and a few pharmacies.

  6. Me and mt partner and 12month old baby are travelling to playa del ingles beginning of may starting to panic abit now at how fast this coronavirus is rapidly spreading, is it going to be safe to travel there,

    1. We are doing containing efforts, so hope that May will be ok. Continue checking this article as we will keep updating it until the end of the Coronavirus crisis 🙂

  7. Kate Freemantle

    My husband and I are already in Maria, Almeria, with our caravan, booked on Brittany Ferries to return to Portsmouth from Santander on April 6th. How will Spain’s travel restrictions affect us?

    1. That is our ferry too. It has been cancelled (Pont Aven). We hope to have some further information tomorrow.

      1. Kate Freemantle

        Chris, we’re waiting for a phone call from our camping club who are hard at work rearranging ferry bookings, in total lockdown on the campsite in Almeria, but at least we’re isolated. What a nightmare.

  8. We are due to fly bham to lanzarote with jet 2 for 1 week on 21 march 2020. Should we cancel?

    1. Tracey Davies

      We were due to fly out March 16 but our flight and hotel was cancelled last minute as the majority of Lanzarote is now closed

  9. Hi I’m due to fly to fuerteventura 21st March should I cancel are will everything be open as usual

    1. Today 15th March, the Spanish Prime Minister has told us that only first need commerces will be open. There are no travel restrictions nd you will be ok, but most sights will be closed till the end of March

    2. Lynn Noreen McNamara

      Cancel all shut down, we cannot go any where. Police even stopped the baker at 2.00am in his car. wanted to know where he was going. Off to bake the bread of course! No longer allowed to make cake etc, only bread. I think they supplied some hotels. I cannot go shopping with my husband, only one person in the car!

  10. Diane Kendall

    We are due to to go to Playa Blanca, Lanzarote on 17th March – will we still be able to go?

  11. Kay Martindale

    My daughter is due to fly to Lanzarote tomorrow Sunday 15th March,is she going to be safe to go.Also I am in a big dilemma what to do about my holiday in June to Almeria Southern Spain,due to be paid in full on 28th March do we pay or do we just cancel the holiday .

    1. She will probably be safe, don’t worry. The only thing is that most monuments, parks and maybe some beaches can be closed from 15th March because of the Spain temporary lockdown that will last 15 days

  12. With most people going to the canaries looking for an outdoor experience, I’m thinking especially of fuerteventura, you might be excused in thinking it would be safer there than remaining in a crowded town in UK. Time spent on the plane, more of a concern, but airlines like easyjet clearly doing there very best to maintain the highest possible level of safety.

  13. We are due to travel to La Palma in the Canary Islands on the 25th but wonder if it’s worth taking the risk of being kept there due to an outbreak of COVID-19

  14. My and my partner have got the last part of our holiday to pay for, leaving on March 29th to Lloret de mar, should I carry on with the final payment and go or lose the money I have already put it and Stay home? Do you think it’s worth going?

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  16. Does anyone know how the coronavirus is in Santiago De Compostela, or indeed on any Camino routes – is is advisable to travel in April?

  17. Erinn Gavaghan

    This has literally been the most useful and informative website I have found in this crisis. We have gone – in one week – from happy vacationers to stressed and potentially stranded expats. No news sources seem to be able to give us updates as quickly as you do. Thank you!!!! You saved us from traveling into Malaga and Madrid well before any US news we were able to access did. We are looking at being self quarantined in Benalmedenas now, could be worse, I know, but we are trying to get home. We’ll see how it goes.

    1. I am extremely happy to hear that! We are updating this post every 6 hours, and people like you make us see it is being worth the effort. So thank you sooo much for your kind words <3

  18. We are stranded in Las Palmas. Could you tell me how restricted we are on going out of our hotel during the next 15 days. We are here until April.
    Thank you

    1. We have been working until now to include all the recent info about the 15 days Spanish Lockdown due to Coronavirus. We have made a summary with all the measures and the link to the official Decree with all the measures. Hope it can help 🙂

  19. Hi,

    I’m in Lanzarote at the moment and due to fly back on the 17th.

    Could somebody clarify this lockdown a little bit:
    – is it starting today (Sunday) or on Monday?
    – is it OK to go for a walk, with no interaction with people?


    1. Hello JK
      My understanding is it starts from Monday, I have been out for a walk today but everything is closed and there is hardly anyone around. We are in Nerja.
      Is you flight still leaving on Tuesday? Ours was due to go Thursday but has been cancelled according to EasyJet website although I have not received an email yet from the airline.

    2. Police out stopping people and asking them to return to hotels there gonna fine you if seen out and not going to food shop or doctors Gran Canaria.

  20. Thank you for providing information during this time. We have been In Seville for 2 weeks and now will stay for another 2 weeks. After that we intend to travel another month throughout Spain. BUT Time will tell. It has been so difficult for tourists to get information. Your sight is the only one that is doing a good job communicating – thank you and keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you soo much Julie, I know as a tourist is difficult to find the right information as almost all resources are in Spanish, so we are trying to translate them and keep you updated for everyone’s safety 🙂

  21. janette thomas

    we are in Murcia at the minute due to fly uk on wed 18th and no cancellation news as yet. Would it be advisable to try to drive home instead im a bit unsure about going into France.

    1. The situation in France is practically the same. All Spanish borders will stay open and there shouldn’t be cancellations on your flight as the Government is concerned about the quantity of people that want to go back home. I would maybe choose to get quickly home by airplane rather than crossing 2 “lockdown” countries by car, but this is only my opinion. Hope you have a safe trip back home!

      Also, if you want to arrive safely to the airport I suggest you to check this page, where they offer private airport transfers with all the safety measures warranted: https://www.welcomepickups.com/?tap_a=26297-438366&tap_s=686472-42b75b

  22. We had booked 3 months in Spain with a leased car, currently only 2 weeks into our journey. Are we still permitted to drive the countryside & stay at hotel/ apartments we have made prior bookings for?
    Otherwise does anyone have suggestions for a new itinerary.
    Worried Australian couple.

  23. At present we are in Cabo Roig area and will be driving home on Friday, our route will include stop over in Girona (hotel at side of ap7) then on to Clermont Ferrand in France for overnight stay then on to Caen for overnight ferry to Portsmouth, at present are there any restrictions in 1) driving that route and 2) will hotels be exempt from closures like food stores and petrol stations?

    1. Everyone is allowed to come back home so I guess you won’t have any problems, at least in Spanish territory. I am not sure about France. Most hotels stay open but you have to follow the lockdown guidelines

  24. This is an excellent website for most recent information re. this unholy virus and travel. I was due to travel to Gran Canaria on 24th March and your site gave me advance notice of the Spanish lockdown, including the Canaries. Though I have yet to hear from the airline, I knew ahead of the game that my Easyjet flights will undoubtedly be cancelled. Thank you so much for your up to date info and advice. It is so helpful for those of us due to travel.

    1. Thank you so much for your encouraging words, we will keep this updated for all of you 🙂 Stay safe

  25. We are staying with friends near Almeria. Our flight back to the UK has been confirmed for tomorrow morning. Will put friends be ok to drive us to the airport to drop us off without getting into trouble? It seems the common sense thing to do rather than take a taxi?

  26. I live in Extremadura (fifth largest province in Spain) but one of the least populated provinces in Spain we have fewer cases here than many other provinces. Yet in less than one week the numbers confirmed have jumped from 8 to 95. In the last two days things have changed here regarding the outbreak. Their biggest worry is not having enough beds and equipment to deal with what they have now let alone in a weeks time. Two of my Spanish friends one a surgeon and the other a helicopter medic have told me to go to the UK as soon as possible until the outbreak passes.
    My advice to anyone who has a holiday booked or thinking of travelling in Spain or its islands at this moment in time. Stay away unless you want to spend your time in your hotel or whatever you have booked. What has happened with the borders in Italy will happen here too. The flights will be stopped here soon like in Italy.
    As from Monday the 16th the whole country will be made to stay indoors (at the moment it’s not law nationally) and will only be able to leave to shop for food or in emergencies.
    Better you be at home with loved ones than being confined in lockdown.
    Better to delay the holiday than have a holiday from hell.
    Most holidays will be cancelled by the tour operators soon so you will be okay to rebook or get your money back. But if you cancel before they do then you won’t unless you have special insurance to cover this. If you have a holiday booked later just hold out to see what the tour operators say.
    The WHO is telling everyone to stay away from Spain unless essential. This should be enough to let you know it’s not worth the risk of yourself or your loved ones. Take care everyone and god bless you all. 🙏🙏🙏

    1. This is one of the best pieces that I have read about travel to Spain. Just sums it all up in one go. I was suppose to fly out to Alicante bound for Benidorm on Sat 14th at 6.15 am but as we got up to go at 2.45 am checked Departures from Cardiff it said flight cancelled, Spk to Tui the tour operator, I am going in today Mon 16th for my refund. Of course we were disappointed but so glad now that we didn’t go, due to the circumstances. Hope this helps someone. Your updates are brilliant thx

  27. We are due to fly on Friday with Ryanair from Birmingham to Fuertaventura staying in Corralejo, if the flight goes ahead will bars and restaurants still be open or on lockdown?
    At the moment Ryanair have offered us a refund or free change of flights, however we are unsure if our insurance or band ( we paid by debt card) will refund or accommodation, car parking and kennels for our dog.

    1. Spanish Lockdown due to Coronavirus is now official and it will last for at least 15 days. During this period, I can assure you bars and restaurants will be closed as they are not first need. I think it will be a good idea to postpone your travel 🙂

  28. We were supposed to be flying to Cordoba this morning but after following your page and assessing the situation over the last few days we decided to contact our hotel yesterday (before the lockdown was announced) and ask them if we could defer until October. They were happy to oblige so no money lost.
    Easyjet had already said we could change our flights. That cost us an extra £60 but better than losing the lot.
    Thank you for all your advice

    1. You made a wonderful choice 🙂 Córdoba will always be there for you, so it was a great decision to postpone it. Also, with postponing and not cancelling you are making a great favour to the Tourism Industry here. Thank you!

    2. Leanne Thomas

      My mum is in Gran Canaria she has Just told me that are in lockdown 15/03/2020 for 15 days, I’m just wondering if she will be able to come home back to the UK on Tuesday 17/03/2020

  29. Booked to go to Lanzarote on the 14th of May but I doubt it will be going ahead the way things are. I can see this lockdown lasting alot longer than 2 weeks

  30. If you have a booked flight this week (on Wednesday)from Barcelona to UK – will you still be able to travel to the airport?
    We have a hire car which we need to return.
    Also we are a 2 to 3 hour drive away so we are concerned whether we will be stopped on our way to Barcelona airport?
    Any advice would be welcome.

    1. Of course you are allowed to go back to the airport. Everyone is allowed to go back home even during these 15 days Coronavirus Lockdown in Spain, so you won’t have any problems getting to the airport. It is possible to find police controls on the way, but as you have proofs and that is considered as a force majeure event, you don’t have to worry

  31. I am currently staying in Bahía de Casares. I have two dogs and have been walking them over the past few days as I have read that I can do this. Is there any restrictions on the area I walk in as I tend to walk 5 km each way in the morning? Or have I to stay close to the area I live in? Thank you.

    1. Good morning Ron,
      You are supposed to stay around your area, police controls will be taking place so it would be better to not go so far.

  32. Hello
    I am in Nerja and have managed to get a seat on a rescue plane on Thursday from Malaga. Do you think there will be any problem with driving our hired car to the airport?

  33. Very informative site, thank you!
    We are due to emigrate to Spain arriving on Sunday 28th March to Santander. Our ferry is still running as of today. We have to drive down from Santander to Axarquia, East of Malaga to our house we bought there. We realise we’ll have to stay in for a couple of days.
    Our question is – will we be able to drive unrestricted, and if so, should we avoid driving around Madrid, and go via Seville instead?
    We don’t want to change our plans if possible since we have given notice to leave our jobs, have the removals company coming, etc.
    Thanks so much.

  34. Tricia Lawrence

    We were just advised that our flight between Grand Canary and Lanzarote with Binter has been change by a week out (March 19th to March 25th) as we have accommodations paid for in Lanzarote starting 19th and the place we are staying at on Grand Canary want more money I was wondering if you could advise if the Fred Olsen Ferry from Las Palmas and Arrecife is still running. Thank you for your help.

  35. I’m travelling from Nerja via Malaga Airport back to my country of residence. Could you elaborate on the limitations regarding airport transfers? I was supposed to be dropped off by someone I know, but I’m uncertain if they’re “allowed” to bring me to the airport with the current limitations to the freedom of movement. Many thanks.

  36. We are due to go home on the 4th of April, we will be leaving Benidorm and driving to Santander, our boat is still running at present, will we be allowed to drive from Benidorm to the port of Santander.

    1. To everyone worried about being able to get back home. (Out of Spain)
      You can travel to airports and ferry ports to leave the country.
      As said in earlier posts this still remains possible.
      Someone else can take you but only a driver.
      Regarding future flights and ferries being operational no one knows if they will be running when your date comes. (Later the dates the most unlikely)
      Flights like I said in an earlier post will all be cancelled soon as they have done in Italy. (Most companies have already done so as you will already know)
      All passenger Ferries will probably stop too. (You may be able to get on cargo ferries)
      My advice to anyone wanting to get out would be to bring your travel plans forward while you can still get transportation out. It may cost you extra, but ask yourself. “Is it worth it”?
      Some travel companies are letting people change for free.
      The EU is going to close the EU BORDER soon for foreigners coming into Europe.
      In my opinion it’s likely. “If there is no public transport coming in then there will be none to go out.”
      Take care all. 🙏🙏🙏

  37. Hi.

    We are leaving Southern Spain on the 4th April, can we drive to Santander to catch our ferry back home.

    1. Of course you can walk there, not everyone has a car, but you have to prove that it’s the nearest supermarket you have if you are stopped by the police. Otherwise, they will fine you.

  38. Hi, we are staying at Los Zocos in lanzarote and have been told tha we need to stay in our hotel rooms apart from getting essentials. We were told that the police will be patrolling the hotel and can come at anytime and if they see you outside our room without good reason there will b a £5,000 fine per person. Is this correct? As there are will many people around the pool areas and in the club areas? I feel that not everyone is aware of this.

    1. Yes, what you are saying is true. People should be more aware and the holte staff should close those common areas that are not a “first-need”, like the pool, in order to prevent this. Police are allowed to come in and see if hotel guests and staff are respecting the rules.

  39. My husband arrives at Malaga airport this evening – we are residents in Spain. He is coming home (he was in Holland, working). Can I pick him up from the airport, as he is returning to his habitual residence?

    1. In the Royal Decree approved yesterday (RD 465/2020, of March 17), you can see that any movement ‘must be carried out individually, except when accompanying people with disabilities, minors, older people , or there is another exactly justified cause’. So I wouldn’t risk as the fines are really high (300-1000 €).I’d rather use a professional service like Welcome Pickups, who provide transfers respecting the most strict hygienic conditions: https://www.welcomepickups.com/?tap_a=26297-438366&tap_s=686472-42b75b

  40. We are currently in a holiday apartment near Torrevieja which runs out on 28th March. We have another apartment booked from the 28th in Mojacar which we hope to stay in until we catch a ferry from Bilbao to UK on 14th April. Assuming it is not cancelled. So the question is, does this new apartment become our primary residence allowing us to travel during the lock down? We have an address to show the police should we be stopped.

    1. Hi, we got to our new apartment without incident but have now been told by the owner that we have to leave by Thursday as all short term accommodation must close. We have a camper van so flying home is not really an option. We have a ferry from Bilbao booked for 14th April (the earliest ferry currently available). We may have an option of staying with friends. Do the new measures mean that we have to actually leave Spain or just our accommodation? We could also attempt to get to the Channel Tunnel which I understand is still running but will we be allowed through the Spain/France border? Any advice would be appreciated.

  41. Tricia Lawrence

    Tricia Lawrence

    So our flight was changed from March 19 to March 25th flying out of las Palmas to Lanzarote. We arrived from Canada March 2nd. We have a place to stay in Lanzarote till May 2nd. We are Canadians and I have the following questions

    1. As Canadians with a place booked in Lanzarote till May 1st. Can we fly from las Palmas to Lanzarote via Binter? Tried calling Binter to find out with no success. Tried calling our travel company with no success.

    2. We have paper work showing flight change and the booking in Lanzarote. With lockdown would This move be possible on March 25th providing our flight does not change?

    3. We have a car and wanted to return the car back to rental on March 19 th. The rental said we had to return car back to air port even though we told them our flight was cancelled. We informed them we could not return the car under lock down rules. They said not there problem, our problem. we did not know what to do so we rented it till March 25th. Am I correct that they should have extend till 25Th of March free as we can not use it, and were unable to return under lock down?

  42. Richard Meagher

    I am American. Have been in Murcia since February 26 visiting family. I have a return flight on April 19, 2020 with Iberia/British Air. The US State Department has issued warning to return home to US as soon as possible. Should I cancel return flight and ask of voucher? That still does not help me get back. Any suggestions? Thank you for reply.

  43. Hi there!
    I am trying to find information if travel from Barcelona to Mallorca is still available at this time? I am currently residing in Barcelona but may have to go to Palma for work should I be successful in securing the position. I understand flights are down and many are being cancelled but from what you know, and under these circumstances, would the travel between the two cities still be accepted? Thank you in advance for any light you can shed on this matter!

  44. frederick patterson

    i live in galara spain a small town with only two small shops ,like corner shops is it true i can only shop here and not in the small town of huescar 10 minutes away

    1. Good afternoon Frederick,
      Actually you are supposed to buy in the nearest supermarket, so if you to the next town, you will have to justify why you can’t do that shopping in your own town

    1. Hi Adeem! I have been researching for the number of cases of Benidorm but I could only find the updated date for the whole Alacant/Alicante province, where Benidorm is located at. Today in Alicante there are 628 diagnosed, 61 deceased and 12 recovered.

  45. marie-bernadette

    I don’t know what to do. I,m due to fly to Malaga April 22nd till June 3rd.
    with Ryan Air. The flight is still on. I,m concerned about going that Ryan will mess us & will be stuck out thre on the return. I,ll be staying in old part of NERJA. CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHAT LIFE IS LIKE NOW IN NERJA? Is the Balcon out of access? Are there services(masses) at the big church on the square?
    Is food reasonably available at the Mercadona? Can you walk minding your own business say towards Burriana? Can you go for a fast walk on a beach, not toppping of course?

    1. Spanish Lockdown will last until 11th April, so I would wait a bit more to decide. If they allow you to fly it would mean a lot. For now, we are all at home, food is available but you cannot walk except for if you need something essential. So no fast walk on a beach for now, but for those dates I hope the situation has improved 🙂 Wait a bit more to see

  46. I heard yesterday that 2 persons are now allowed in a car providing the passenger is in the back furthest from the driver. Is this right. Thanks.

    1. Yes, only one person is allowed. So no passengers at all, except for old people, minors or disabled that need assistance.

  47. Hi
    Is it possible if I take a flight from Bilbao to Barcelona to catch my flight to return my country in 11 April, 2020
    I checked and the flight is still on schedule that day
    Do we allow to fly in Spain from the city to city during the lockdown ( with the purpose is returning my country)
    Thank you so much

    1. Sure, everyone is allowed to go back to their primary residence. So if the flight is still on, you can catch it! Good luck 🙂

  48. Hi
    Your reply 27/3/20 has confused me ?
    I have a chemotherapy session booked 1/4/20.
    I am on heavy morphine relief so advised not to drive.
    Can my partner drive me to the hospital if i sit in the back ?

    1. Of course you can because you can show that it’s due to force majeure. So there will be no problem 🙂 There are no limitations for cases like yours, or when driving with minors or elderly people.

  49. Do you know what the governments plans are for rolling out testing – especially antibodies tests to identify those who may have had the virus At home but are now recovered. This will obviously help later when lock down is relaxed. Keep up the fantastic work on this site – very informative

    1. Thank you very much for your support Paul. Unfortunately, we still have no answers for your question but really looking forward to hear our Government plans for new testings. Once we have an official answer, we will publish it here

  50. Hi can I take plastic, bottles, paper etc to the recycling containers during coronavirus in Benalmadena?