What to do in Malaga at Christmas 2019? 🎄 Essential Guide to a warm Christmas in Costa del Sol ☀️


Christmas holidays are approaching! Still looking for the perfect winter holiday destination? Stop thinking! We have the answer: choose Malaga for this year’s Christmas getaway.

I’m sure you are wondering… what is Malaga at Christmas like? What is there to do in Malaga in December? Is Malaga worth visiting in winter? Is Malaga warm at Christmas? OF COURSE! No snow in Malaga but you don’t actually need freezing temperatures to feel the Christmas spirit.

Enjoy Malaga warm December weather with our best tips on what to do in Malaga at Christmas Time: the ultimate guide to Christmas in Malaga 2019!!

1. Malaga Christmas Light Show 2019: when and where to watch it

This is THE highlight in Malaga at Christmas! Did you know that Malaga is the number one in the ranking of the best cities to see the Christmas lights in Spain according to a study by Holidayguru travel website?

Most streets in Malaga City Center are decorated with beautiful Christmas lights but Calle Larios, the main shopping street in the Old Town, is the most astonishing of them all. Every year, Calle Larios is decorated with hundreds of thousands of led lights that create a magical feeling. And every year with a different theme. So…

– What is Malaga Christmas Light Show about in 2019? A magical forest!

Malaga center decorations for new year's eve and Christmas

In 2019, Larios Street Christmas Lights will recreate a magical Christmas forest with angels, suns and autumn leaves with 730,000 points of light. Malaga Christmas Light Show in 2019 will gather thousands of people to enjoy the changing lights dancing to the rhythm of popular Christmas music.

Curious fact: the company that creates Christmas decorations in Malaga also provides the Christmas LED lightings for Fifth Avenue in New York and Hong Kong!

-When will be Malaga Christmas lights switched on in 2019?

The most important event that marks the opening of the Christmas season in Malaga is, of course, the switching on of the lights. In 2019, the lights will be switched on on Friday 29th of November at 7 pm. Come much earlier: it gets quite crowded, everyone wants to get the best spot to see the new Christmas light show!

– What time does the Malaga Christmas Light Show starts in 2019?

If you miss the switching on of Calle Larios Christmas lights, don’t worry! The Christmas light show will take place every day at 6:30 pm, 8 pm and 9:30, from 29th November until January 5th.

2. Discover the video mapping on the Alcazaba wall: a new feature of Malaga Christmas in 2019!

Video mapping on the Alcazaba

Christmas in Malaga will feature a new image, light and sound show in 2019: an animated video projected on the Alcazaba wall. ‘Christmas Tale’ is the title of the videomapping created specifically for the city and focused, especially, on the little ones. A videomapping consists of using video and light projections on any surface, usually building facades, to convert common objects into animated scenarios.

In this case, it will be screened in Alcazabilla street, on the Alcazaba wall, between November 29 and January 5 (the same period in which the Larios street light show will be), with three daily passes at 6:30 p.m., 8:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.

It will tell a seven-minute Christmas-themed story that will highlight the values ​​of sharing, solidarity, companionship, generosity or gratitude.

3. Is there a Christmas market in Malaga in 2019? YES! – The Best Sunny Christmas Market in Europe!

Christmas Market in Malaga Center

Another must-do in Malaga at Christmas in 2019 is going to a Christmas market.

Last winter, the capital won the first place in the ranking ‘Best sunny Christmas markets in Europe’ of the European Best Destinations (EDB) organization. Malaga showed to be the ideal urban destination to celebrate a Sunny Christmas, with amazing warm weather in December, a wide cultural offer and plenty of Christmas markets.

– What to buy in Malaga Christmas markets?

If you need to buy some last minute Christmas present or want to take home a nice memory from your winter holiday in Costa del Sol, Christmas markets are your place!

Buy traditional Andalusian crafts, pottery and Christmas decorations made by local artisans. Try some typical Spanish Christmas sweets: polvorones (shortbread with nuts), mantecados (crumbly biscuits), turron (nougat), marzipan or even borrachuelos (wine-flavoured fried pastries).

– Where are Malaga Christmas markets located this year?

There are many interesting Christmas Markets in Malaga province, but if you don’t have enough time to explore them, stick to Malaga Downtown Christmas Markets, located in:

Park of Malaga Christmas Market – a traditional market in Malaga most famous tropical public garden, where you’ll find various Christmas decorations and accesories. But not only! Here you can taste delicacies from all regions of Spain: a great opportunity to discover more about our rich gastronomy!

Muelle Uno (The new Port of Malaga) – a Christmas market by the sea! In this small market you can find many typical Andalusian crafts and clothes made by local artisans.

Garage Market in Soho Art District – a market in an old London-style garage that has a wide variety of antiquities, art and many other items.

4. And… Where to find the Christmas trees in Malaga in 2019?

Beautiful decorated Christmas tree in center of Malaga

The Christmas tree is the most popular symbol of this lovely holidays period. Every city tries to impress its citizens with the most creative ways to make or decorate a Christmas tree. Malaga is no exception! There are several Christmas trees in Malaga, especially in the Old Town.

In 2019, there will be 4 huge Christmas trees! The main artificial Christmas tree in Malaga is located in the main square, Plaza de la Constitución, and this year you can also enter inside the tree structure! Check also the tree at Plaza de Obispo at night, it will look spectacular next to the illuminated facade of the Cathedral. Another gorgeous tree will be on Calle Alcazabilla, in front of the Roman Theatre. The forth one will be found in Plaza de la Marina: its lights will change colours all the time!

5. Christmas Music? Check the best Christmas concert in Malaga in 2019

Christmas Music in a concert in Malaga

What is the best way to feel the Christmas spirit, even in a warm Christmas destination as Malaga? The answer is clear: nothing better than listening to traditional Christmas songs!

Apart from the Malaga Daily Sound and Light Show in Calle Larios, where you can dance to the rythm of lights and international Christmas music, I highly recommed you to go to the Christmas concert in Malaga Cathedral on 23rd December, at 8 pm. Listen to Philharmonic Orchestra of Malaga playing classical music by Vivaldi, Haendel and Bach. The acoustics in the Cathedral is awesome, so come early and enjoy the best Christmas time music.

6. Visiting Nativity scenes: one of the most traditional things to do and see in Malaga at Christmas

Traditional decorations in Spain

Another interesting activity at Christmas in Malaga in 2019 is to visit Nativity scenes or “Belenes”. This may sound strange but it is a typical Spanish way to start the Christmas time among locals: there are 60 of them around the city!

We actually make what we call “Ruta de los Belenes” which consists in choosing some of the Nativity scenes in Malaga and visiting them with our family and friends. A good “Belenes” route in Malaga, will always include the visit to the Nativity scenes inside the Cathedral and the City Hall. The Nativity scene in the Cathedral will be open from 10 am to 2 pm and from 5 pm to 8:30 pm, while the City Hall one will close at 9 pm. Check them out and remember about the origins of Christmas!

7. More things to do in Malaga, and not only in Christmas time!

Looking for some more ideas on what to do in Malaga? Don’t worry, we have many more ideas that you can also enjoy in Malaga at Christmas time. From a visit to the Central Atarazanas Market, a nice walk on Pedregalejo beach or finding out about the famous Malaga “espetos”. So, here you go: 40 things to do in Málaga in 2019

Besides, if you are travelling to Malaga at Christmas, but you are on a budget, check our new post about Things to Do for Free in Malaga

8. But if you really want to experience Malaga like a local, join our fun tours!

Our final tip: if you really want to feel and eat like a local when visiting Málaga, check our amazing experiences!

Join our Traditional Wine and Tapas tour and taste the famous Malaga sweet wine, accompanied by delicious homemade tapas.

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9. Still not sure if Malaga is warm at Christmas or worth visiting in winter? Average temperatures below!

Amazing sunset on a coast on a beautiful beach

What about the weather in Malaga at Christmas? Really, you don’t have to worry about it at all. You have to know that in Malaga there is a warm microclimate created by the mountains in the North of Malaga, that protect the city from cold winds. So, Malaga average temperature in December drops to 8ºC at night and rises to 18ºC at midday.

You won’t see locals swimming on the beach in December, when the water temperature is around 16ºC. But of course, the temperature is still good for a lovely walk by the beach or even for sunbathing a bit. It might rain 2 or 3 days, although the rain is more common in November. So, the weather in Malaga in December is just perfect for a sunny unforgettable Christmas holiday.

Come to Malaga this holiday season! It’s a lovely place to spend Christmas in 2019. And, don’t forget that we would be delighted to walk around Malaga with you, making you understand Malaga in depth. Check our experiences, tours and activities in Malaga, available also during Christmas 2019 – 2020!

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