▷ 40 TOP Things to Do in Malaga: what to do, see, eat & more!


Looking for the best things to do in Malaga on your next holiday? No problem! We have gathered all the info you need about what to do in Malaga, where to go and things you cannot miss. Have a look at our top 40 things to do in Malaga list and enjoy a perfect holiday in Southern Spain with Oh My Good Guide tips!

What to do in Malaga? 40 best things to do in Malaga list!

1. Take a romantic walk at sunset along Muelle Uno

The new fashionable area of Málaga. It’s impossible you don’t fall in love with it!

2. Go shopping in Calle Larios

It is probably one of the most beautiful shopping streets in Spain.

3. Do not miss the sunset from the Gibralfaro Viewpoint

This is one of the essential (and most romantic) plans that you have to do in Malaga.

4. Look at “La Farola” from different points of the city.

 It is the only lighthouse in Spain that has the name of a woman.

5. One of the jewels that Málaga has is the Alcazaba. 

Did you know that the Alcazaba was built before the Alhambra in Granada? Get lost in the gardens of this Nasrid palace, a smaller version of the Alhambra, but in Malaga.

6. Have a sweet wine at El Pimpi.

One of the oldest wineries in town. If you can, take the opportunity to go at night and see a flamenco show. I warn you that you will surely come back the next day.

7. Discover why “La Manquita” is the locals’ name for Malaga’s Cathedral

And, of course, visit the cathedral inside. It is one of the most amazing cathedrals in Spain. 

8. And…Take a good picture of the Cathedral, if you can! 

Ok, I admit, the problem with the cathedral is that it is impossible to take a good picture from the Plaza de la Catedral, but do not worry. Go to Calle Císter or Calle San Agustín, from them you will have the best view at street level of this architectural jewel


9. Enjoy a drink on a cool rooftop terrace

By the way, another good view of the cathedral you have from the heights. There are lots of “chic” terraces to enjoy a cool beer with good views of Malaga. My favorite terraces are the AC Málaga Palacio, the Hotel Molina Lario or the Terrace of the Hotel Sallés Málaga Centro.

10. Selfie with Picasso!

Take a selfie with the statue of Picasso in the Plaza de la Merced, one of the most beautiful squares in Malaga.


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11. Enjoy the good sense of humor of people from Málaga

It must be recognized that in the south we have a divine art to tell jokes!

12. Visit the Gibralfaro Castle 

Enjoy as a child one afternoon between the walls of the Castle.

13. Another must: The Roman Theatre. And it’s free!

Discover the remains left by the Roman Empire in the Roman Theater of Malaga, at the foot of the Alcazaba.

14. Admire the impressive Malaga’s Holy Week

There is nothing more sacred for the people of Malaga than Holy Week. You can not miss the procession of La Servita, El Cautivo, and La Legión. You have to see it at least once in a lifetime!

15. Start the day with a good breakfast and see what is a “pitufo” in Málaga

In addition to Holy Week, another sacred thing for the locals is a very strong breakfast. A good zurrapa, a “pitufo” (little local bread used for breakfast), loin with butter or a toast with olive oil, tomato and jamón are the best start to the day.

16. Learn how to order a coffee in Málaga

Accompany breakfast with one of the different types of coffee prepared in Malaga. That if short, cloud, shadow. The cafés in Málaga are a world apart!

17. Explore Malaga’s vibrant nightlife

You will find anything from traditional tapas bars to modern clubs. Downtown Malaga is the main leisure hub of Costa del Sol

18. Visit Malaga’s English Cemetery

 If you like curious places you can not miss the English Cemetery. It is the oldest non-Catholic Christian cemetery in Spain.

19. Get lost in the Botanical Garden of La Concepción

This is the coolest secret garden in the entire city. Take the public bus to get there because is totally worth it, even better if you go during the spring.

20. Plan your Malaga’s Museums Route

One of the strengths of Malaga is that it has become a cultural reference, both nationally and internationally. Therefore, it is essential to make a route through the most important museums of Malaga. I’ll tell you the most important ones below

21. Discover the new landmark in Muelle 1: Centre Pompidou

The point of color and modernism in Malaga you find it in the Pompidou Center, it is the only Pompidou center outside of France.


22. Discover the Spain of two centuries ago at Carmen Thyssen Museum

 This is another jewel in the collection of works of art.

23. Museum of Málaga: not only archaelogy!

The recently inaugurated and very complete Museum of Malaga, is the museum with more works of art of the Museo del Prado exposed, after the Prado Museum, of course 

24. Picasso Museum Málaga: the jewel in the crown

The Picasso Museum is something you can not miss. It is the museum dedicated to the work of the Malaga artist par excellence. And you can not forget to visit his native house either.

25. If you didn’t have enough, you can go on with more museums:

The CAC, the Contemporary Art Center of Malaga or the Collection of the Russian Museum, the Flamenco and Wine Museums, the MUPAM…there are more than 35 different museums in Málaga. Did you doubt when I said that Malaga is a cultural reference? It is the third most cultural city in Spain.

26. Cars and Fashion

Ahem, I have not finished talking about museums yet. If you like cars, do not miss the Automobile Museum of Malaga, which is another must-see in Malaga. It’s located in a beautiful building next to the Fashion Museum.

27. Go for a relaxing bath and massage in the Arabic Baths: The Hamman

Another of the plans that I like to do most in Malaga is to relax in an authentic Arabian Hamman. If you feel like relaxing, don’t hesitate.

28. Do you like fish? Try a good “espeto”of sardines by the beach

Think of Costa del Sol. What is the first thing that comes to your mind? Maybe eating a good espeto in the sun at the chiringuito? Sure, but… Do you know its origin? In 1882, with the arrival of the tram from Malaga to El Palo, Miguel Martínez Soler opened his famous beach bar, called “The big stop”, and there he began cooking the sardines with a piece of cane next to the fire. This, which used to be poors’ food, has become an essential part of Málaga’s gastronomy.

29. Discover Málaga’s Traditional Gastronomy with our Tapas Tour!

Well, the sardines are just one of the hundreds of delicacies you can try in Malaga. You have not been to Malaga if you do not try their anchovies, their olives, the “porra antequerana”, the thin shells and a very long etcetera. So…if you don’t want to miss anything, better check our Traditional Tapas and Wine Tour here!

wine and tapas food tour by ohmygoodguide

30. Beach Bars? Chiringuitos? Head to Pedregalejo or El Palo Neighbourhoods

Of course, the best place to enjoy Malaga’s cuisine is a beach bar. In case you have any doubts, I firmly state that eating by the Mediterranean Sea is one of the best pleasures in life.

31. Discover what Cartojal means in the Feria de Málaga

Enjoy, at least once in your life, the Feria de Málaga in August. It is one of the best parties in Spain.

32. Try to understand the difference between Feria de Día and Feria de Noche.

Two different locations, two different attitudes. Make the most of the two of them (if your body can handle it 😛 )

33. Beach time in Malaga! A must no matter the season of the year!

Another thing you have to do in Malaga is to enjoy its wonderful beaches. You have a lot: the Malagueta, Pedregalejo, Huelín, la Misericordia. They are all perfect to play sports, sunbathe and go for a bath in the Mediterranean Sea.

34. Watch El Melillero Effect on the beach.

El Melillero is the boat that connects regularly the city of Málaga with Melilla, in the north of Africa. Discover the effect produced by the Melillero on the beaches of Málaga. 

35. Red Carpet in Málaga? Yes! Come to the Film Festival 

Try to get a picture with a famous actor during the Film Festival in Malaga and enjoy the best films in Spanish.

Calle Larios red carpet in Malaga

36. Want another selfie? This time try with the statue of el Cenachero

Take a picture with the statue of the mythical Cenachero, one of the symbols of Málaga, located in Paseo del Parque.

37. Lose your mind with the fragrance of the Biznaga!

Another of the icons of Málaga is the biznaga. Biznagas are handmade flowers, using jasmine and the stalk of a nerdo, a kind of thistle that is collected in late spring.

38. Get lost in the Beautiful Atarazanas Market

Buy the freshest Malaga products. You can even make a tapas route through the market!

39. We don’t eat bocadillos or sandwiches, we eat “camperos”!

Another “must” in Malaga is eating a good “campero”. And if it’s after partying better than better. Or if the day dawned rainily, do not worry, a good dish from the mountains in the Montes de Málaga will solve everything.

40. Make day trips to discover the diversity of Málaga province

And, finally, do not stay only in Málaga city. You have to discover the most beautiful towns of Málaga like Nerja, Ronda, Frigiliana and of course, do the Caminito del Rey! Have a look at our selection of the best day trips from Malaga!

41. Last of our TOP things to do in Malaga? This one is on you!

Would you add something else to see and do in Malaga? Leave me a comment, I’ll love reading!

Learn more about Andalusia on the blog! And, check our experience for a wonderful stay in Malaga! Explore Malaga on our tours!

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