Granada in 1 day: How to spend 24 hours in the city of Alhambra


Do you only have one day to visit Granada and are looking for the best itinerary to make the most of it? Then you are in the right place! Although in Granada there are so many things to see and do so 2-3 days would be the best, we have prepared this one day in Granada itinerary so you don’t miss anything!

I have been living in Granada for seven years, so I am excited to share my knowledge about the city. Also, check my post 10 Things to Know Before Visiting Granada! to get ready for the trip! Now let’s go with the 24 h in Granada route!

1. Start your day in Granada with churros and hot chocolate!

Churros con chocolate a Spanish snack
Churros con chocolate, the best way to start the day!

Let’s start the day with a great breakfast at Cafe Fútbol, one of the oldest coffee shops in Granada. The Cafe has been open since 1903 by Antonio Suarez. Now, Cafe Fútbol is a beloved family business run by the grandson of Antonio Suarez. The locals say that here you can find the best churros in Granada! Taste the traditional churros and an iconic leche rizada ice cream beverage with cinnamon. 

2. Visit the Alhambra Palace 

Discover the importance of water in the Arabic Architecture

The first monument you should visit on your one-day trip to Granada is the Alhambra. It is a breathtaking palace and one of the most visited monuments in Spain. For getting tickets to Alhambra, check my tips here.

This imposing fortress surrounded by lush forests is a World Heritage Site. The Alhambra is also known as “the red one” because its walls become red during the sunset.

The Alhambra is an authentic wonder: it is the oldest Arab fortress in the world. Inside you will enjoy a journey through the history of the palace. It is full of incredible spaces: the Muhammed V Palace, the Sala de Los Mozárabes, the Viewpoint of Daraxa or the Generalife Gardens.

3. Tapas lunch break in Granada!

Flamenco tapas wine tour in Granada

In Granada, you can even enjoy tapas for free! Order a drink and get a free tapa. Usually, bars offer delicious tapas with a drink for around 2 Euros. So, in Granada, you can try a lot of different tapas and save some money.

For best tapas close to the city centre go to the Old town, Plaza de Toros, Calle Elvira, El Realejo, Gonzalo Gallas. If you are not in the city center, go to bars and taverns in the neighborhoods of Zaidin and La Chana. For a one-day trip to Granada, try one of the locals’ favorite tapas places:

  • Cafe Bar Ávila: try their roasted Iberian ham, delicious!
  • Los Manueles: best known for their famous “croquetas”;
  • Las Provincias: a very small bar where you will learn what the typical “malafollá granaina” means, with the best “migas” in town;
  • La Tana: tiny place but a big selection of wines and tasty tapas;
  • Bodegas Castañeda: order a “tabla caliente” to eat and their famous “calicasas” wine;
  • Los Diamantes: famous for its fried fish.

But if you are a foodie and like to discover everything about food and wines, the best option is to join our Tapas and Wine Tour in Granada: You won’t regret it!

3. The Cathedral of Granada

facade and tower of granada cathedral

The next stop is the Cathedral of Granada. Like the majority of churches in Andalusia, the Cathedral was built on the site of a mosque. At first, the architect of the Cathedral designed a Gothic-style church. After five years of works, the architect changed as well as the style of the building. So, the Cathedral is of Rennaissance style with Gothic style foundations.

Another interesting thing is that the facade of the Cathedral was never finished. Two towers were too heavy for the Gothic foundation of the church to support, so it has a smaller tower.

Near the Cathedral there are a lot of squares you should visit. Go to Plaza Bib-Rambla, Plaza de la Romanilla, Plaza de Los Lobos, Plaza de las Pasiegas. From the latter square, admire the front of the Cathedral.

Then, you can head to the old market of Alcaicera, where you will find lots of souvenirs shops.

4. Explore Gran Vía de Colón

Arabic Tea in Granada

Gran Vía is one of the most important streets in this city. This big avenue, which modified the urban center of Granada, must be framed within the large urban projects developed in different Spanish cities to adapt to the urban growth, result of the Industrial Revolution. In this case, it was linked to the development of the sugar industry around the city. Strolling among its stately buildings of the nineteenth century is a marvel.

Afterward, walk into Elvira Street and make a stop in one of its beautiful Arabic tea shops. Enjoy the delicious mint tea, the honey and almond pastes and desserts.

5. Discover the Albaicin neighbourhood

Albaicin Granada

It is one of the treasures of the city, its steep streets give rise to one of the best views of the Alhambra, as is the case of the viewpoint of San Nicolás. If you can visit the Zambra museum of Maria La Canastera, a very special place with lots of charm. Its walls are the pure history of flamenco living in this peculiar neighborhood, full of photographs that confirm the passage of time and this art.

Albaicin is part of Unesco’s World Heritage, as the Alhambra complex. It is, without any doubt, one of the most emblematic and beautiful neighborhoods in Spain, capable of making the most skeptical of mortals fall in love. Its streets, colors, aromas and people will not leave you indifferent.

In addition, to finish your walk, this neighborhood gives you one of its greatest treasures, the best and most beautiful sunset you can see, with the Alhambra as the main actor, the lights that intermingle with the old stone walls of this ancient palace. They give one of the most beautiful scenes in the world.

6. Relax in the Arabic Baths “Hammam”

hammam massage
Enjoy the silence in the private atmosphere of its interior pools or get a wonderful massage

Have a historical bath! The arabic baths transmit that mystery of past times, where time seems to be stopped. Its decoration and atmosphere give rise to enjoyment, to spend a few hours of a comforting pleasure between fragances and flavors where you can rest and relax your body. If you want more, you can always get a good massage!

The Hammam Al Andalus, right at the foot of the Alhambra, is one of my favourites, as it is the first original arabic bath that was restored and reopened in Spain.

7. Have dinner with the best view in Granada


To end this intense day full of emotions and sensations, we go to one of the best-known restaurants in the Albaicín neighborhood, such as Carmen del Agua. Its remote access is an adventure for tourists who stroll through these streets for the first time. In addition to its incredible cuisine, the views from this place are incredible.

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